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Mothers Day Basket of Flowers Cake

  • Posted on March 11, 2013 at 1:58 pm
20130310 115255 300x225 Mothers Day Basket of Flowers Cake

Mothers Day Cake – Basket of Flowers

I made the basket itself out of chocolate cake (my favourite recipe that always goes down well) and covered it with chocolate ganache using a basket weave nozzle.

The handle was made by twisting two rolled out sausages of brown coloured sugar paste and letting it set hard over the side of a tin (to get the shape right). It was quite heavy so I had to support it once attached until a) I had taken a photo and b) it had been presented to my Mum.

I spent pretty much the whole of the day before, making the flowers and had to get up early on Mothers Day morning (despite the face that I too am a mother but my breakfast in bed failed to materialise!!!) to wire them together and make a spray which I was happy with.

I had to fiddle for ages as my original idea was to have them standing up but I hadn’t got enough and I had no more time to make any more. Thank goodness for leaves to fill spaces in. Luckily I found a butterfly I had made for another cake, and not used, so I added that for effect.

The flowers I used were spring flowers (although the weather is still very wintry this year sadly) including daffodils (which were harder to do than I imagined. I made the back of the flowers with a cutter but the trumpets by hand and couldn’t seem to get the sizes to correspond very well with each other. I also made daisies, primroses and violets and even a catkin which I was particularly proud of.

Placed on a cake board trimmed with a lovely bright green ribbon I presented it to my Mum after we had eaten the meal I had prepared, who was chuffed to bits and even had a tear in her eye. I hope it was tears of joy hehe!!

Half an hour later there was only about a quarter of it left (plus the spray of flowers) as my family ate it for our dessert. We wrapped up the remainder in some silver foil for Mum and Dad to enjoy with a cup of tea later that day and I put the spray of flowers in a little box as Mum wanted to display it in her cabinet at  home along with all the other sugar flowers sprays I have made on her cakes over the years.

The type of nozzle I used is a basket weave nozzle which you can buy at Amazon

 Mothers Day Basket of Flowers Cake Mothers Day Basket of Flowers Cake

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Mothers Day Cupcakes

  • Posted on March 20, 2012 at 2:50 pm

I had a few orders for cupcakes for Mothers Day this year and the brief was just to make them feminine so I am afraid I just prettied them up by embossing the fondant and adding cute little pink flowers and blossoms that I made out of sugar paste.

DSC 0964 300x225 Mothers Day Cupcakes

Mothers Day Cupcakes

The roses I made out of flower paste so that they kept their shape and it is easier to make the petals thinner with flower paste so they look more delicate and lifelike.

To make the writing I used Tappit Letter Stencils from Amazon  Mothers Day Cupcakes  Mothers Day Cupcakes

which are brilliant for making the letters a uniform size and shape and for anyone who isn’t confident piping the writing on. It also means that you can make the letters and then place them where you want them, making sure the spacing is correct before you actually stick them in place. I have found that this is especially useful if the name of the person is quite long. – although I have been known to place the letters in a circle rather than a line on a cupcake if this is the case. Another idea is that you can spread the greeting over two or more cupcakes – like in the picture. You could also write ‘I’ on one, ‘Love’ on another and ‘You’ on a third which saves on flowers as well. It depends how much time and effort you want to take and how much you are charging. I charged £10 for the 6 which I think is reasonable.

DSC 0967 300x225 Mothers Day Cupcakes

Box of Mothers Day Cupcakes


I am still learning about taking photographs of my cakes and at present have a purple silky piece of material (which I have used in the top photo) and a gold piece as well. Some of my other cake making friends use off-cut pieces of wallpaper but I think it is important to draw the eye away from the background as it is the cake that you want your customers to be looking at (well hopefully). My photography skills are not good and I am sure that a decent camera would help, but for now my trusty camera/phone will have to do.


 Mothers Day Cupcakes

How to choose your wedding cake

  • Posted on August 22, 2011 at 9:50 am

Your wedding cake is a time-honoured tradition, and is one of the highlights of the wedding day. It’s is not only a tasty treat for guests but also represents a celebration of your special day. It should be in keeping with the inspiration and theme of your special day and be something worthy of all the photographs that will be taken of it. Choosing a flavour and, especially the, design is as personal as all the other aspects of your wedding day but it does not have to be stressful or demanding.

The cake does not need to be  a work of art but more a statement of who you are as a couple, so decide if you want something more traditional, contemporary and a bit daring or many couples are opting for something comical such as characters (animals or caricatures) that represent themselves. The icing can be chocolate ganache, buttercream, a lighter whipped topping or  elegant,  fondant. Fondant does tend to hold up well in warmer weather conditions and over longer periods of time on display so bear this in mind. If you would like a chocolate cake you can opt for chocolate fondant and get the best of both worlds.

Why not consider flowers or fruits for a naturally beautiful look?  Flowers on the cake can complement the bridal bouquet and tie the cake in with the overall theme and wedding colours. You will need to be aware of what is seasonally available with regard to flowers but summer fruits on a cake look stunning and can also turn the cake into a dessert to be served at your wedding breakfast and help if the budget is tight.  Just remember to make sure that the portion count is correct in order that every guest gets a piece. You can have a smaller cake for display purposes and,what is called, cutting cake in the kitchen to be served once the showpiece cake has been cut.

Cutting the wedding cake at the reception is one of the first things that a bride and groom will share as a newly-wed couple. For this milestone you want a cake that not only taste delicious but also looks gorgeous.  Traditionally the the top layer of the cake is reserved for your first anniversary or the christening of the first child but nowadays this is not the case as rich fruit cake is no longer in vogue – primarily because many people are not keen on it, especially after a large three course wedding breakfast!!  If you have sugar flowers on your cake these can always be kept for the first anniversary cake however.

When choosing your wedding cake it is an idea to visit the cake maker and do some cake tasting. Most bakeries/cake makers won’t have a problem with clients wanting to come in and taste a few cakes. There are so many flavours to choose from, the tasting will be a very enjoyable way for the bride and groom to bond (and hopefully agree upon a flavour and design) and an opportunity to discuss your ideas about how you want the cake to look.

When choosing the perfect wedding cake, the main concern is usually about the look and design of the cake.  It is often useful to have an idea about what design you would like but good cake bakers should have a portfolio of designs you can look through or you can search on the internet for designs and then print off a few to show the cake baker. Here at Jane Louise Cakes we welcome suggestions for the design you require and can then discuss if it is suitable and ‘doable’ – for example a cake decorated with chocolate may not be suitable for a hot June wedding especially if you are planning on leaving it on display throughout the reception.

How to choose the perfect wedding cake topper!

Firstly you need to have an open mind. Think about what suits you and your soon-to-be spouse and also what will tie in with the theme of the wedding. You can choose from sprays of fresh flowers – perhaps the same as in the brides and bridesmaids bouquets, a spray of fondant, edible flowers that again complement the colour scheme of the wedding, a simple vase with a few flowers in, or perhaps figures made of fondant. Or if the theme of your wedding is simple and contemporary you may simply want the cake to make a statement and be quite plain yet elegant. It’s your day and the choice is yours!


Orchid spray 300x138 How to choose your wedding cake

Spray of sugar orchids and roses

Many couples opt to display the cake throughout the entire reception, and the size of the cake means it will be a focal point of the room. You, therefore need to plan the majority of your reception décor before ordering the cake so you can choose a style and colour that will work with the rest of the décor. Finally, last but not least try to order the cake at least four to six months prior to your wedding day.

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